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    90% of your Northampton waste is recycled

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Choose Your Northampton Skip Size


2 Yard
  • 20-25 Northampton Bin Bags
  • 2 Tonnes of Northampton Waste
  • Garden or Small House in Northampton


4 Yard
  • 30-50 Northampton Bin Bags
  • 4 Tonnes of Northampton Waste
  • Builders or Clearances in Northampton


8 Yard
  • 80-100 Northampton Bin Bags
  • 8 Tonnes of Northampton Waste
  • Large or Bulky Waste from Northampton

14 Yard

  • 100-140 Northampton Bin Bags
  • 10 Tonnes of Northampton Waste
  • Enclosed and Lockable

Skip Hire Northampton

Skip Hire Northampton
The easiest way to sum up Skip Hire Northampton is in the form of the most asked questions
that we receive. We will show you, our hopefully new customers a selection below:-

Q When can I expect my skip?
A Skip Hire Northampton delivers throughout the working day and will do our best to fulfil
time specific requests. A good idea is to have your skip delivered the day before you
actually need to it, that way it will be there ready for an early start and not
subject to any delivery delay.

Q Do I need to stay in for the skip delivery?
A No – In almost all cases Skip Hire Northampton can make the delivery without you having to
wait in for us, you will have paid for the skip and will have given us some specific
instructions regarding where to put the skip and so on. If we arrive on site and have
a question we will call you to confirm.

Q If I hire a skip, how long can I keep it?
A Usual hire period is one week although Skip Hire Northampton can arrange a collection
sooner if you wish. Please let us know. We can arrange extensions to your hire period
and charge on a weekly basis.

Q What does it cost to hire a skip?
A Depends on the size of skip you need, and whether the skip will be on the
public highway or private property. Alternatively please call us.

Q What waste can I put in my skip?
A All general non-hazardous waste can be placed into Skip Hire Northampton's skips. By this
we mean waste from gardening, house and office clearance and so on. As a rule does not
place anything into a skip that is likely to cause harm to humans, animals, or that
could potentially cause environmental pollution.

Q What waste should not go into my skip?
A Wastes that should be excluded are hazardous or toxic, tyres, asbestos, paints,
solvents, liquids, chemicals, fridges and freezers, fluorescent light tubes as the
main examples

Q Is my waste recycled?
A All waste is processed using our modern plant and equipment and where possible
recycled for further use. Examples of this are wood that is recycled for fuel at a
major heating plant in Northampton. Rubble is recovered, crushed and recycled for use in the
construction industry.

We at Skip Hire Northampton hope to have given you a brief insight into our business and
trust you will visit us at our main office.

Northampton Council Collected and Household Waste Statistics 2012/13

Total local authority collected waste 84,667
Household - total waste 81,641
Household - waste sent for recycling/composting/reuse 36,199
Household dry recycling/reuse (tonnes) 17,925
Household green recycling/reuse (tonnes) 18,275

Northampton local council Selected Waste Indicators 2012/13

Residual household waste per household (kg/household) (Ex NI191) 489.30
Percentage of household waste sent for reuse, recycling or composting (Ex NI192) 44.34%
Percentage of municipal waste sent to landfill (Ex NI193) 0
Collected household waste per person (kg) (Ex BVPI 84a)  383.23

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